The latest collections of jewelery brands

woman-919047_640 (2)Jewelry collection of Apart Magic Moments

This collection has a lightness and grace. In the collection we can find delicate necklaces, bracelets charming, tasteful earrings. Elements of the collection will be perfect for romantic, calm women with girlish beauty.

Pandora Spring Collection

Pandora's latest spring collection is mainly characterized by subtlety and delicacy. We can observe floral motifs and subtle shapes. In the collection we can find jewelry in spring colors.


The latest collection of Mikimoto company

Mikimoto's latest collection contains mainly pearls, typical for this brand. The collection is characterized by delicacy and subtlety. It is primarily a collection for elegant women, who appreciate high quality.

The autumn collection of Buccellati

It is a typical autumn collection. It uses motifs that we can see in nature, such as autumn leaves. The main theme of the collection is old gold. Decorative elements are stones in muted autumnal colors.

Apart Elegance jewelry collection

It is a modern collection. In the jewelry we can observe subtle shapes and original finish. This collection is designed for women who appreciate original jewelry, which is somewhat mysterious.