The latest collections of footwear brands

shoes-1014606_640The latest collection of Nike

In the latest autumn-winter collection of Nike, dominate mainly shoes in streamlined shapes - in different colors. We can buy black shoes, but also, in vivid colors. Many models of snakers….

The latest collection of New Balance

In the latest collection of New Balnace shoes, primarily dominate sports shoes with non-slip soles - to using for autumn and winter. The colors are typically autumnal - browns, beiges, blackness. Reliability and durability as usually.

The latest collection of CCC

CCC has already released a collection in the spring of 2016. First of all, they will reign lightweight boots and ballerinas in various colors. The collection primarily intended for people who appreciate comfort and economical shopping. Among the shoe models it can be observed, that will dominate pastel colors.

The latest collection of Tommy Hilfiger

In the shoes of Tommy Hifiger latest collection can be seen additions of felt. In the collection there are many models of boots, balerinas. Reigns black and garnet. It is the collection for those who value modernity, good style and comfort.