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How to dress in the style of pin-up?

Pin-up style is an interesting style, preferred for all kinds of disguised events. But women often don’t know how to dress to look like a pin-up star.

What to wear?

1) first of all you should take care of clothing in dots
2) you can’t forget about the strong black line on the eyelid,
3) The hair should be pinned up in a bun, but you should bet on a thick hairband.

4) Reigns such colors as red, or white



How to emphasize the bust?

If you are an owner of a small bust, you can emphasize it ... using the right dress. You should bet on a variety of decorating around the bust – it may be a lace applications or embroidered patterns. It is also worth to bet on wrinkling around the bust.

Such tricks make the breasts look more impressive and visually it becomes larger. The basis is, of course, good quality, well-chosen bra.



How to mask massive thighs?


If you have massive thighs, you can mask it by a proper dress. First of all, you have to resign from the tight jeans and leggings that will expose your legs. Better solution is skirts, which will cover the thigh or tunic. All kinds of dresses works well.

It is worth to wear high heels, which slims the whole leg! Heels make also that the whole silhouette will look better - more slender and feminine.


How to emphasize the waist?

If you want to emphasize the waist, you should first of all pointed it, in the right way. You can do this for eg. using the original strip that visually emphasize your waist. It is also worth to wear waist-fitted shirts, which will highlight the desired element of our body well.

What else?

It is also worth to care about ... hairstyle. The more you on the head, the less the waist – as states the old proverb stylists. So you can make the storm curls or put on a high bun.